Our sole objective is your success. In order to meet your specific needs, we develop customized programs that suit your organization. We will design an effective program with you and for you, in order to meet the needs and expectations of every department.


Although fully customized and designed for your company, all our programs are elaborated in compliance with a successful academic methodology. This includes intermediary personal assessment sessions, which enable us to adjust the program as you progress, making it truly effective.



Some Examples of French programs we could design for you :

  • For beginners : Initiation to French basics : 10 * 1,5-hour sessions, followed by 28 * 1,5—hour “elementary” sessions : how to introduce yourself, send an e-mail, answer to phone calls
  • Intermediary : 28 * 1,5-hour sessions, including : how to talk about your job, formulate a complex request, give a presentation, organize and moderate a meeting
  • For advanced learners : Rehearsals for presentations in French : we coach and provide your employees with feedback on real presentations they have to give. This feedback covers accuracy of content as well as tips for a smooth presentation.

Preparation for diplomas : DELFDALF

Preparation for tests : TEF, TCF


Learning without moving !