French@Work since 2000

French@Work is established in Singapore and Honk Kong since 2000 and has been successfully teaching French, English and Mandarin to major multinational companies operating in Asia. French@Work takes great care to tailor-make its lessons to suit its customers’ specific requirements. Our Toronto affiliate has been opened since 2014.

Qualified french teachers at your office

Our team in Toronto:

Magali Dupont                                        Magali Sips

  • 12 years experience working for corporations in International environments
  • 5 years experience in teaching, including 3 years with French@Work Singapore
  • A total of 14 years spent in West Indies, Germany, Argentina, Greece, Singapore, Italy
  • Diploma of D.A.E.F.L.E. with Alliance Française (French Teaching as a Foreign Language)
  • Graduated from La Rochelle Business School
  • Bachelor degree of English


Nelly Odinot Nelly Odinot

  • 8 years experience as a lawyer
  • 3 years as a museum guide at the Asian Civilisation Museum of Singapore
  • 3 years experience in teaching, with French@Work Singapore
  • A total of 11 years spent in Austria, Germany, Singapore
  • Diploma of D.A.E.F.L.E. with Alliance Française (French Teaching as a Foreign Language)
  • Postgraduate diploma in European Competition Law at king’s college of London
  • French Bar diploma (CAPA Toulouse)
  • Graduated from Toulouse Business School


Our teachers team :

  • Dual background is a must : all our teachers have a solid experience in business as well as in education
  • Once selected, our teachers are trained to deliver our French@Work methodology Want to know more ?
  • This ensures total consistency in the quality of our teaching programs
  • Follow-up : the partners attend in situ French lessons in the course of the program. We provide our teachers with feedback if need be, thus ensuring the consistent high quality of our services


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