Maggie Bettinson, Country Manager, Return Path

French@Work is the perfect way to not only learn French but to maintain it ! The teacher made re-relearning the language enjoyable, relevant to my team’s business needs and created an environment that was conducive to practicing for all participants. The most challenging aspect of learning French in the past was being able to practice it in an interesting way and the teacher does just that. We found topics of interest to discuss and a year later I can fully have a business lunch speaking completely in French while eating a lovely « niçoise salade » !

In addition, as a businesswoman who travels regularly, the teacher was able to be flexible and accommodating to my schedule : something that is very rare when trying to learn a language !

Highly, highly, highly recommend French@Work to the business professional or anyone that simply wants to learn the language.


Bernard Naumann, President & CEO, Munich Reinsurance Company Canada Branch (Life & Health)

“French@Work has been an amazing experience for me.  First and foremost is the teaching style of the teacher.  Her positivity was contagious, and serves as a strong foundation for an excellent learning environment.  She never showed any signs of frustrations (I’m sure I gave her many opportunities) and she continuously encouraged progress.  I really liked how she personalized the lessons and made sure there was plenty of variety in the learning methods… from traditional methods like conversations and worksheet exercises to more unconventional methods like movie reviews, games, and randomly calling up her French friends!  The icing on the cake was being able to take the French lessons in our office.  She was very flexible and understanding when it came to last minute work conflicts as well.  Bottom line is I HIGHLY recommend French@Work, and am happy to talk to anyone interested in doing so.”


Luz Garcia , Senior Corporate Accountant, Munich Reinsurance Company of Canada

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Magali for the last 9 months! She makes the learning of French so fun and entertaining. She is absolutely a great  teacher! The materials she uses and the knowledge about languages is very impressive plus she knows how to transfer that knowledge into real action, understanding and assimilation of the beautiful French language. I have to say that my motivation grows bigger after every class with her. I’m very happy that my company hired her and I think we are very lucky to have her as teacher.”

Stewart Glendinning, President & CEO, Molson Coors Canada

“French@Work is a fantastic way to learn a new language. The convenience of class right in my office makes the very best use of my time and it is hard to see how I would be able to learn French without this because of my schedule. There are two other things which I think are even more important: the quality of the materials and the capability of the instructor. The learning materials (the books, handouts etc.) are really well done. They are practical for work, travel and social situations and I have been very pleased with just how quickly we have been able to move forward. None of this would be possible without the personal capability of the teacher. Her knowledge, the way in which she is able to explain the concepts and her patience with my mistakes have made learning a pleasure. Naturally, I have saved the best for last. I really appreciate her flexibility in moving times around to accommodate my schedule and I love her light hearted humour which makes the learning experience fun! I highly recommend French@Work to others”


Jayme Jenkins, VP Marketing, The Body Shop, L’Oréal Canada

“I have tried to learn French many times and have had (by far!) the most success with French@Work. The program was fun and well-designed but also very flexible, catering to individual needs. The instructor was excellent and very professional. She made the training engaging by incorporating student’s interests and kept the sessions appropriately challenging. I would highly recommend French@Work!”



Julie Keen, Sr. Underwriting Assistant, Temple Insurance Company

“French@Work is a great program and I would highly recommend it to anyone. The instructor was so kind and patient and able to easily work with the needs of each individual in the class. She always made me feel good about my progress, which really motivated me to keep going and study hard.

The books we used were great as well as the discussions and oral lessons. The combination of the two was really beneficial to learn the content but not feel too overwhelmed. I am very happy that I chose to participate in this program.”


Julia Pitteli, Associate, Sporometrics, Toronto

“French@Work provides excellent and high-quality training.  The classes are exceptionally well designed to cohesively integrate all aspects of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  The trainers are tremendously supportive and committed to having their students succeed and reach their goals in the level of French they want to achieve.  My experience with French@Work was truly wonderful!”


Yaima Arocha Rosete, Research Microbiologist, Sporometrics, Toronto, Canada

“I have to confess that I was never a fan of French! I was always afraid of learning that language because of the struggle with the pronunciation but sometimes you cannot fight the fate. I just got involved in a research project in Cote d’Ivoire; then I begged for learning French! The decision made by my employer to hire the mobile learning service from French@Work was the best ever! You are able to learn French right at work! Instructors distill 100% of professionalism, enthusiasm, patience, commitment, and discipline. They are masters listening to the needs of students, and customizing the lessons to every single participant, or a group. They are super creative and innovative in finding the easiest, funniest and best approaches for students to fully absorb, memorize and practice every part of each lesson. They take you throughout books, games, videos, songs, and movies blending the lessons with the flavors of the French culture, which makes the class more appealing and enjoyable, specially when they offer French treats! Instructors are experts in recognizing the difficulties and weaknesses of each student, and developing strategies to effectively tackle them. They encourage you to give the best of you in every class. They keep you motivated by cheering you up and challenging you up after each participation or quiz. I will be able to talk in French to my project partners in the next trip to Cote d’Ivoire! Having French@Work at the comfort of your work environment makes you feel like learning at home!”